About Us

Sensing human movements for a better care


Sense4Care is a leader MedTech company developing and producing wearable medical devices based on the identification of human movement patterns, especially in Parkinson’s Disease. Formed by a team of enthusiastic professionals with a longstanding experience in the e-health, healthcare industry and business development, we aim at developing cutting edge solutions to improve clinical practice and patient’s quality of life.

Our solution for Parkinson STAT-ON™ enables healthcare professionals to evaluate more accurately their patients by analyzing symptoms’ objective and offering a complete disease managementSTAT-ON™  is being used in clinical trials and clinical practice over Europe, Sense4Care is becoming an asset for clinical evaluation.

Our Company

We believe in the talent of our people giving the each individual the tools to contribute in the development of their professional expertise, and personal growth,

Our Vision

That STAT-ON™ becomes the world gold-standard in the evaluation of motor symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Our Mission

Increase people's quality of life by providing objective information to Healthcare Professionals, and improving evaluations and therapies.

Our History

From the beginning
  • The start of everything


    Sense4Care starts as an idea of a research project of understanding the inertial signals of movement disorders’, and especially Parkinson’s disease.

  • A great scientific backup


    From 2008 since 2018, Sense4Care has been building its own IP through several national and European macro-projects. In this process, we have been incorporating to our team highly skilled professionals from different fields and sectors.

  • Landed to the market


    After several years, we have transferred our research knowledge in Parkinson's and AI to the industry, arriving to the market with a scientifically validated and certified medical device.

  • Today: + 50 hospitals, + 200 neurologists, + 2000 patients


    Today, Sense4Care is formed by academics, engineers, health, and business experts that brings to the company the knowledge, experience, and resources to perform with maximum guarantees any project base on inertial systems.

Where We Are

We work with Pharma Industry, Hospitals, Home healthcare providers, and other Healthcare players to put our technology at patient’s service

Our Medical Advisory Board

Nicola Pavese
Antonio Suppa
Diego Santos
jorge h. vara
Nuria Caballol

Our Team

The people who make this possible everyday

Joan Calvet


Joan Calvet is the current CEO at Sense4Care. He studied Business Admin. & Management (ADE) [...]

Daniel Rodríguez


Dr. Daniel Rodríguez-Martín is the current Chief Operating Officer of Sense4care. He studied at [...]

Chiara Capra

Head of Product

Chiara Capra is the Head of Product Management at Sense4Care. Graduated in BSc Hons in [...]

Carlos Pérez


In the last 15 years I have worked as Technical Project Manager and Data Engineer. In these [...]

Martí Pie


B.Sc. Martí Pié received his B.Sc. in engineering in Electronics and Industrial Automation in [...]

Albert Pagès


Albert Pagès studied in UPC where he achieved a bachelor in Technical Engineering in Management [...]

Anna Santamaria


Anna Santamaria received her BA in Economic and Social Administration in France in 1994. Since [...]

Board of Directors

Andreu Catala
Angels Bayes