A Holter for Parkinson

The Parkinson´s disease (PD) holter permanently registers ON / OFF fluctuations making possible a complete disease management, it is also capable to register falls and activity and postures such as walking and lying. Non-invasive system. It only consists of a sensor that is carried in a specially designed belt.


  • By using a single sensor, advanced algorithms, and signal processing methods, the Holter monitors and records the patient’s PD motors symptoms. A device with Android or iOS is used to enter patient data and configure some specific values of each person. These data can also be obtained directly from the health platform, where the Holter is integrated. Once this step is done, the Holter works autonomously. As long as it is carried by the patient, it does not need any type of actuation nor connection. Since the device is not invasive, the patient might use it in normal life, carrying the sensor in a comfortable and discreet belt, while the holter registers its motor status at every moment of the day. Then a report of the patient’s motor status is generated. The information provided in the reports support the health professionals to accurately determine the true state of a patient and determine the best treatment in each case.


  • Detection at patients’ home environment conditions
  • Reliable – More than 90% on sensitivity and specificity on algorithms, being built with the largest existing inertial database.
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Real-time computation (data can be observed whenever the patient or expert desires)
  • Interoperable
  • Cost-effective
  • Autonomous – The device does not interact with the patient
  • Self-calibration – Since every person moves different, the Holter uses first data to self-calibrate the algorithms.
  • Cloud data transfer.


  • Bradykinesia Index based on fluidity movements.
  • Dyskinesia
  • Apps Development
  • Freezing of Gait
  • On and Off states
  • Gait Parameters (speed of stride, cadence, time walking, step length, number of steps).
  • Number of falls
  • Energy expenditure and activity.

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