Experts in the detection and analysis of human movement patterns applied to Healthcare

Sense4Care is a company specialized in designing, manufacturing, and marketing wearables and medical devices focused on the identification of movement patterns on persons, with the aim of improving quality of life of people with special care requirements.

Our solutions include wearable systems capable to monitor and identify falls, events, postures, and motor symptoms related to specific conditions, specially people with movement disorders or the elderly.

Sense4Care offers specialized services, integration of our products in global platforms, or specific solutions with inertial wearable systems.

Product Details

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The Angel4 fall detector is a unique personal device that provides very sensitive automatic fall detection by means of a triaxial accelerometer and a new specific algorithm developed and tested by the Center for Technological Studies for Dependency and Autonomous Life (CETpD) of The Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya in various research projects.