Parkinson Holter can provide accurate information for doctors, caregivers and patients.

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder. First noticiable symptoms in PD are those related to an altered movement control. Current PD treatments temporally revert the symptoms, but they do not prevent disease’s progression.

At the beginning of the treatment, the antiparkinsonian effect of the medication is very evident and symptoms may completely disappear for hours; however, as disease progresses, motor fluctuations appear. Collecting precise information on the temporal course of fluctuations is essential for tailoring an optimal therapy in PD patients and is one of the main parameters in clinical trials.


Rempark European project

The goal of the REMPARK project was to develop a Personal Health System, featuring closed loop detection, with response and treatment capabilities, for the improved management of Parkinson’s disease patients.

Sense4Care develops a Parkinson Holter using part of the Rempark results based on a knowledge transfer agreement with the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

REMPARK Consortium

PARK-IT SME Instruments phase 1 project

Sense4care has been granted an SME instruments phase 1 project (Gran agreement 672228) in whose goals are:

– To carry out a sound market and stakeholder analysis: in order to determine the key market and its size, market drivers, routes to market and to identify the key stakeholders and establish partnerships with them.

– To provide a detailed Plan for regulatory and IP Management, including a CE medical device certification plan.

– To elaborate a business plan, including target and value proposition, distribution channels, price strategy, market penetration and sales forecast, manufacturing cost and gross margin, marketing strategy, changes in the company structure and organization, profit and losses accounts and sensitivity analysis.

The results of this project will provide the basis for bringing to the market the results provided by the REMPARK project in the form of a new device (the PARK-IT sensor) able to provide an automatic an on-line assessment of the state of Parkinson’s disease patients.

PARK-IT 2.0 SME Instruments phase 2 project

In 2016 Sense4Care was granted with an SME Instruments phase 2 project (Grant Agreement 756861) whose main goal is to bring to the market the PARK-IT device, a new medical device able to monitor continuously, quantitatively and in ambulatory conditions the motor status of patients with Parkinson’s Disease. Please, visit this page for additional information about the Project (PARK-IT).

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