Sense4Care is a leader MedTech company developing and producing wearable medical devices based on the identification of human movement patterns, especially in Parkinson’s Disease.Formed by a team of enthusiastic professionals with a longstanding experience in the e-health, healthcare industry and business development, we aim at developing cutting edge solutions to improve clinical practice and patient’s quality of life.

The solution for Parkinson STAT-ON™ enables the healthcare professionals to evaluate more accurately their patients by analyzing symptoms’ objective and offering a complete disease management. STAT-ON™  is being used in clinical trials and clinical practice over Europe, Sense4Care is becoming an asset for clinical evaluation.



From a blank sheet of paper to the market. Sense4Care has over 10 years of expertise in covering every single step in the product development.

We focus on creating solutions able to work as a stand alone devices, or be integrated to third parties platforms.

Sense4Care products and services use technology based on inertial sensors and machine learning algorithms that can be adapted to any particular requirement from our customers.



Sense4Care has been building its own IP through several national and European macro-projects. In this process, we have been incorporating to our team highly skilled professionals from different fields and sectors. Therefore Sense4Care is formed by academics, engineers, health, and business experts that brings to our company the knowledge, experience, and recourses to perform with maximum guarantees any project base on inertial systems.

Our main capabilities are: R&D, Product development, Clinical validation, Regulatory and certification, Industrialization, Market studies, Business Development, and Marketing.

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PARK-IT 2.0 2016-2018

[1] MoMoPa-Monitoring the Mobility of Parkinson’s Patients for Therapeutic Purposes. PI08/90756. FIS. ISCIII. 2009-2010.
[2] HELP–Home-based Empowered Living for Parkinson’s Disease. AAL-2008-1-022. 2008-2011.
[3] REMPARK–Personal Health Device for the Remote and Autonomous Management of Parkinson’s Disease. FP7-ICT-2011-7-287677. 2011-2014.
[4] FATE-Fall Detector for the Elder. FP7-CIP-ICT-PSP-2011-5-297178. 2011-2014.
[5] MoMoPa 2 -Monitoring the Mobility of Parkinson’s Patients for Therapeutic Purposes 2 . PI12/0.028. FEDER. ISCIII. 2011-2012.
[6] MASPARK.Freezing in Parkinson’s Disease: Improving Quality of Life with an Automatic Control System- La Marató de TV3-20140431. 2015-2017.
[7] European Network for FALL Prevention, Intervention & Security. E-No Falls. ICT PSP. Project Reference: 325137. 2013-2016.
[8] PARK-IT 2.0: Unobtrusive, Continuous and Quantitative Assessment of Parkinson’s disease: Hard Evidence for Optimal Disease Management with Information Technologies. H2020 – SMEINST – 2 – 2016 – 2017. Project Number: 756861.


Joan Calvet


Daniel Rodríguez


Chiara Capra

Head of Product

Carlos Perez

CSO & Co-founder

Martí Pié

Software Engineer

Albert Pagès


Anna Santamaria


Joan Cabestany

President & Co-founder

Nicola Pavese

Medical Advisor

Diego Santos

Medical Advisor

Núria Caballol

Medical Advisor

Juan Carlos Gómez

Medical Advisor



Based in Barcelona, Sense4Care enjoys a privileged environment, due to the city being a European leader in the health-tech ecosystem. Sense4Care forms part of a community trusted by Barcelona Health Hub, where synergies flow with the aim of generating social impact as a result of continuous innovation and commitment with the people.