Introducing the first personal Fall Detector Forget about telecare monthly charges

2015 European pilot results - Effectiveness higher than 95%

Because the best care for your loved ones will be always your affection, we introduce the first personal device for fall detection.

Unlimited range, wherever you are

Help them to keep the self-confidence needed to continue having the quality of life they deserve.

Receive a message to your phone with the location in real time for those cases they need to be aided and reaction time really matters.


Forget about Recharging!

3 months of autonomy without battery charges

Worn in the waist, our sensor is 100% automatic, without buttons or required actions

Detects automatically any fall and sends an emergency call together with an SMS with the location of the person who needs to be aided.

It never was so easy

Buy online your fall detector

Download for free our APP for Android

Choose your contact point for alarms

Black or White, you choose